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Treating Active People Suffering Hip Pain

of hip pain has an insidious (unknown) onset
of patients with labral tears cannot recall an incident that caused their injury
of individuals diagnosed with FAI also have labral tears visible on MRI
of the individuals that we treat, return to an acceptable quality of life
  • 24% of the individuals that we treat (typically with osteo-arthritis or labral involvement), may require an injection or surgery (both of which have much better outcomes when combined with appropriate conservative management)
  • Forced bed rest or non weight bearing causes a 23% loss of deep hip rotator strength in only 14 days!
  • Typical timeframe to get symptoms under control with the Active Hip program is 4-6 months
  • Average amount of years a patient has experienced hip pain prior to assessment: 3 years (range from 1 month to 35 years)
Do You Struggle with ongoing hip pain?
We can help find the underlying cause.